We provide services to solve problems at every stage of your purchase. From sourcing for products to the eventual delivery of the product to you, our firm ensures that you are never unassisted at any point during the acquisition of new products. Our closeness to clients and suppliers is one of our key resources and is intended to create a supportable and proficient extension for connection between supply and request, with the reasonable goal to eventually get the best out of each exchange to serve our clients’ wellbeing.

Our services include:


We make it a point to locate the best offer for your request through a broad inquiry to varying providers and suppliers.
We ensure that each offer presented to you after the request is tailored to your unique needs.
We achieve this by gathering extensive data from you concerning your specific product requirements and preferences. The data required might include some technical specifications and measurements (size, power, fuel type, voltage, and so forth).

However, in situations where your specifications are still unclear to you or are unavailable, our team comes to your aid by cooperating with you to discover and define your preferences. This is to ensure that any product offered you suits your needs perfectly.

LCC Best Solution Sourcing

Price Negotiation

LCC Price Negotiation

Our ideology during pricing is that there ought to consistently be room for negotiation for each arrangement. A few transactions will obviously leave little room for negotiation.
Notwithstanding, negotiation is an opportunity to cut costs for our client and we never leave it unutilized. With a strong focus on our clients’ wellbeing, we always take the necessary steps to tie down the most noteworthy conceivable incentive to your investment, while ensuring that the supplier is satisfied with the bargain to foster a healthy client-supplier relationship.
When a price is agreed upon, we contact the provider to arrange a last cost for the item.


Once a final quote is received by you from the provider, you can now place an order. This will require various archives and structures that should be filled out but as usual, Longan will provide all the help you need to finish your paperwork. OIP and Longan have various efficient specialist co-operations that will ensure quick and secure transportation of your valuable products to Nigeria/Ghana. Ordering the logistic service by the customer is supplementary to the ordering of the actual product.

Guarantee and warranty matters tend to be difficult because of the separation between clients and providers. Longan and OIP don’t back out even after the products are delivered. In transactions where need-to-use warranty or guarantee services are involved, we will be there to act as your connection to the provider to convey and address the circumstances with which you want to use the purchased product.

LCC Import/Export Services