Product group A: Energy Supply

Photovoltaic Solar panels

In households and the industrial sector as well, buildings are continually confronted with difficulties of irregular power supply, which could easily lead to unproductive hours and unease. Photovoltaic solar panels serve as a superior alternative for power delivery. They are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and above all, promise longer hours of power supply from an inextinguishable source (the sun).

LCC solar energy 3
LCC Cogeneration Unit

Cogeneration Units

With an overall efficiency, 1.5 times greater than normal generators, Organizations and private homes can opt for this energy-efficient alternative for electricity generation. Cogeneration units are power generator units that have been modified to recover thermal energy generated as waste. This thermal energy is subsequently utilized to heat water and provide homeowners and industries with consistent warm water for household or financial use.

High performance electric generators

Gen sets can be used as a consistent off-the-grid source of electricity or used to fill the breaches in the power supply. They can run on fuel, diesel, or even petroleum gas. High-performance electric generator sets are improved for greater electric power yield and reduced fuel consumption.

LCC Electric Generator
LCC Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines utilize wind energy to produce electricity for industrial and home-based uses. They are built to perform at their highest level of effectiveness, to supply proficient power supply. Turbines are long-lasting and cost-friendly choice with next to no effect on the environment, compared to other power generators that consume petroleum products.