Fast-paced technological advancements have caused the global market to explode with possibilities. Due to the wide array of machines available to ease both industrial and household activities, there has been an increase in productivity in all sectors.
The African market, however, is not achieving optimal production. Our level of output in most of our sectors is little compared to the abundance of resources at our disposal. This is mostly due to a lack of access to the technologies being utilized by the global market. Difficulty in procuring these technologies from our foreign counterparts has greatly hindered development in our continent.

Longan’s aim is to be the trusted partner and Europe based representative of private and non-private clients in Nigeria and Ghana with interest and aim to import excellent customer and venture specialized items from Europe. This is made possible by our partner OIP domiciled in Germany.

Sourcing and bringing in of merchandise and items from abroad can represent a critical trouble for private people, just as for developing and built up organizations in Africa, even more for rising economy nations. We will significantly decrease the complexity of bringing in great specialized merchandise to Africa (Nigeria/Ghana), assume a functioning part in supporting and improving innovative and monetary development in this district, rearrange the admittance to the modern European mechanical market to Nigerian and Ghanaian clients, speak as the voice of our clients in up close and personal cooperation and arrangements with expected suppliers in Europe, and discover most ideal answers for our clients.

Lcc corporate culture


We comprehend the need to bring client customized solutions with the most significant level of ability and productivity. We provide legit and effective solutions for our clients.
With our professionals across the globe, we take up the responsibility to accomplish the greatest guidelines and give successful financial compliant plans and specialized prerequisites of our clients…..